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Teeth Whitening

Even with regular brushing, flossing, and professional dental cleanings, you may look in the mirror and see a yellow, dingy smile. You may have tried an over-the-counter whitening system with disappointing results. Luckily, with professional take-home teeth whitening from Picard Dental Associates in Woonsocket, RI, it’s easy to get the impact of high-powered bleaching that’s safe, effective, and successful, lifting stains to give you the younger-looking smile you’re looking for.

Every single day, your teeth come into contact with things that cause stains. Wine, tea, coffee, tobacco, medications, excessive fluoride, and aging all contribute to the discoloration of your smile. That’s why so many people seek out professional teeth whitening. Even if your teeth are perfectly straight and intact, yellow stains can detract from your appearance, even making you look older.

Picard Dental Associates offers take-home teeth whitening. This means that we’ll create for you custom bleaching trays for great comfort and coverage while you’re whitening your teeth. With professional-grade whitening solution provided by our office, you can expect to get your teeth an average of 8 shades whiter, and some even see a greater improvement! The process generally takes between 14 and 21 days, but you’ll likely start seeing results quickly, and the results will generally last for about a year. You can touch up your smile with maintenance whitening; simply return to our office for more whitening gel and use the same bleaching trays. The process is easy, safe, and effective, and it works right in with your schedule, allowing you to whiten your teeth when it’s convenient for you.

Teeth whitening from our Woonsocket, RI dental office isn’t just a frivolous cosmetic dentistry treatment. Studies show that feeling good about your smile can have lots of positive effects on your life and your emotional well-being. When you smile, you actually improve your own mood, and nothing will make you feel like smiling more than knowing you have a beautiful, white set of teeth to show off. People respond positively to those who smile, too, so you can improve relationships when you have a bright, white smile. Feel confident on your next date, class reunion, or job interview with professional teeth whitening from Picard Dental Associates.

Some stains, known as intrinsic stains, are discolorations of the inside of the tooth. This can happen if a tooth is traumatized, for instance. In these cases, teeth whitening won’t work, but porcelain veneers can cover the stained tooth and provide equally amazing results. Whatever it takes, we’ll do what we can to find a solution for your cosmetic issues at Picard Dental Associates.

Want to learn more about teeth whitening and whether or not you’re a candidate? Contact Picard Dental Associates in Woonsocket, Rhode Island to make an appointment.

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