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Restorative Dentistry

When you brush and floss every day, you’re fighting against cavities and gum disease. These are the two most common problems that can then lead to additional issues, including tooth loss. That’s why brushing, flossing, and visiting Picard Dental Associates regularly for preventive general dentistry checkups and cleanings all play such a big role in your ongoing oral health. You have the power to prevent damage. However, lots of factors can still cause cavities, gum disease, and other issues. You may miss spots during your oral hygiene routines, leaving behind plaque that wears away at tooth enamel until you need a filling. Alternatively, a tooth can be damaged by trauma, leading to the need for root canal therapy. At Picard Dental Associates, we offer complete restorative dentistry to help you when tooth damage or loss has threatened your ongoing sense of wellbeing. For Woonsocket, RI and surrounding communities, Picard Dental Associates combines cosmetic and restorative dentistry to make sure that you not only have a healthier smile after damage has been done, but that the results inspire confidence as well.

When we talk about restorative dentistry, we’re talking about a variety of treatments – from the simple to the complex – that can correct all levels of damage that might affect your teeth. Cavities, chips, fractures, infections of the pulp, and missing teeth are some of the problems frequently addressed by restorative dentistry. The treatments that we might use to address decay, damage, and disease include:

Picard Dental Associates has been serving the Woonsocket community since 1941, when Dr. Picard’s grandfather started providing dental care to families in the area. Dr. Picard is a third generation dentist, and he was raised with a passion for helping people through providing excellent dental care. That’s why you can trust him and his associates to offer the latest and most reliable forms of restorative dentistry while remaining true to traditional techniques that have proven to be effective over decades of dental care. We also know that a lot of unnecessary damage is done to teeth and gums because people are afraid of visiting the dentist. That’s why we’ve designed Picard Dental Associates to be a fun, welcoming, and relaxing place to undergo restorative dentistry or any other form of treatment you might need. Our office is focused completely on providing a quality experience for every patient who comes to us for help.

How do you know if you need restorative dental care? First, make sure that you’re visiting Picard Dental Associates every six months for a dental checkup. During these visits we can look for early warning signs of dental health problems, and you won’t have to wait until symptoms arise and serious damage has been done. Also, if you notice any tooth pain, sensitivity, loosening, or symptoms of gum disease such as bleeding gums, make sure you contact our Woonsocket dental office immediately and make an appointment for an assessment. If you have an accident or incur a dental injury, we also invite you to contact us and inquire about restorative dentistry that can fix your smile. It’s not always obvious when you need restorative dentistry, though, and that’s why those regular checkups are vital.

If you need to make an appointment at Picard Dental Associates, contact our Woonsocket, Rhode Island dental office today.

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