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General Dentistry

Oral health is important for a number of reasons. For one thing, great oral health will also help boost your self-confidence because a healthy smile is a more attractive smile. Also, you can’t experience great overall health without excellent oral health. Oral health problems can actually impact the rest of your body, contributing to issues like diabetes and heart disease. A problem like TMJ dysfunction can contribute to chronic pain, including migraine headaches. General dentistry includes a range of dental care services that can prevent cavities, combat gum disease, and help correct the problems that lead to TMJ pain. Picard Dental Associates offers complete general dentistry for the entire family.

Consistent general dentistry provides the foundation on which all other dental care is based. We want to see you every six months for dental checkups and cleanings so that we can truly prevent problems that might otherwise have to be addressed by restorative dentistry. During dental checkups, we search for decay (we can use the DIAGNOdent technology to detect cavities before they’ve even really begun), check for gum disease, look for signs of oral cancer, and perform a complete assessment of your TMJ health. Thorough general dental checkups can make a huge difference in the longevity of your teeth.

Children’s dentistry is also on our list of general dentistry services. Our office regularly cares for the children of patients who themselves have been coming to see us since THEY were kids! Make sure to bring your child in for an initial dental checkup no later than age three.

Up to 80% of the population may have gum disease, and many don’t even know it. Gum disease is highly destructive, however, eventually attacking bone and causing tooth loss. When periodontal disease (another name for gum disease) goes untreated, it will spread and even possibly cause systemic diseases. Picard Dental Associates can help, though, because periodontal therapy for the treatment of gum disease is part of our general dentistry program.

Migraine headaches are also a common problem, and few people know that they can be caused by TMJ dysfunction. If you’ve been suffering from headaches or other pain that hasn’t been explained, come to our Woonsocket, RI dental office to have your TMJ assessed and find out more about TMJ therapy.

For excellent general dentistry in Woonsocket, RI, contact Picard Dental Associates for an appointment. We love serving community families and supporting healthy smiles!

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