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Dental Membership Plan

We are proud to announce that we offer a Dental Membership Plan in our office.

Our membership plan is an annual reduced-fee savings plan for families and individuals that allow all members to receive quality dental services at reduced fees. With our plan there are no deductibles, no yearly maximums and no waiting periods to begin treatment. Benefits begin immediately upon plan registration.

Actual patient testimony:

I have used the dental membership plan which you offer for one year . I wanted to let you know it has been very beneficial. I knew the cleanings would be covered, but when the X-rays were also covered, that was a real plus. This past year I needed two procedures and the 20% discount is a nice savings. On top of it all, you can pay for it through a credit card which gives me points. I plan on renewing it when the year is up.

I have recently purchased the dental membership plan as we currently do not have any dental insurance.  I am so very pleased as I've already saved on just the basics such as the exam, x-rays and cleanings.  It gives me peace of mind to know if I need any work done there will be additional savings.  I would strongly recommend this plan for anyone who does not have dental insurance.

P. Whipple

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