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Children’s Dentistry

Dr. Joel Picard went into dentistry because it was the family business, and he’d been raised with a deep appreciation for the power of dental care to make a difference in people’s lives. This also impressed upon him the deep importance of providing excellent dental care for every member of the family, and that’s why Picard Dental Associates welcomes children to our Woonsocket, Rhode Island practice. Starting around the age of three, we invite you to bring your child to Picard Dental Associates for preventive children’s dentistry.

Children’s dentistry is a lot like adult preventive dentistry. The main goals of children’s dentistry are the prevention of cavities and education about how best to take care of teeth and gums. Children are especially susceptible to cavities because they haven’t yet become good at protecting their own smiles from damage; we want to make sure that your child makes it into adulthood with all of his or her natural teeth unblemished and intact. We can accomplish this with regular professional children’s dentistry checkups and cleanings.

When your child is around three years of age, you can bring him or her in for that very first children’s dentistry visit. This doesn’t mean you can’t seek treatment sooner, especially if you notice cause for concern with your child’s oral development. However, three is considered a good age for starting children’s dentistry because the baby teeth will have erupted and your child will likely be relatively able to sit still in the dental chair for a quick and gentle dental visit. During this first children’s dentistry visit, we’ll explore how your child’s smile is developing, count the teeth that have erupted, and perform a very simple cleaning. We will also show you and your child how to perform daily dental hygiene routines that will help protect baby teeth from decay. Yes, baby teeth can develop cavities! Plus, while you may think that losing a baby tooth early to damage isn’t that big of a deal because it was going to fall out anyway, think again. Baby teeth serve a purpose by helping to guide oral development, and we want your child’s baby teeth to remain healthy for as long as possible and remain in place until the appropriate time for them to fall out.

Then, as your child grows, we can offer dental sealants and fluoride treatments as part of their comprehensive children’s dentistry treatment plan. These treatments help even more with cavity protection.

To make an appointment for your child with Picard Dental Associates, contact our Woonsocket, RI dental office.

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